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Retired Ventura Sheriff Deputy Statement about a Cover Up

LAPD Violates Own Policy

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This is a list of unanswered questions I have compiled from various news sources that demonstrate the implausibility of the "official story" and the extent of racketeering, public official foreknowledge, corruption, and the cover up of the gristly death of Todd McNamee.

Public Records on Victim Jake Dunham do not match the News Reports

None of the news articles mentioned that Dunham's father is a fleet car mechanic supervisor for the Oxnard Police Department which had "two ON DUTY officers" inside the Borderline.

The Nicholas Champion Interview: What Happens in Vegas doesn't Stay in Vegas.

This is the interview where it was revealed up to 60 "survivors" from the Las Vegas shooting in 2017 were present. The odds are 1 in 140 million, per Asher Robertson - you might as well play roulette.

A Local Cable Access News Show hosted by a former Cop Also Says there's a Cover Up

The On-Duty Officers Inside the Bar -WTF!

Sheriff Refuses to release 911 Tapes: Los Angeles Times/SCNG Sues

No Victim Lawsuits????

California is a "Deep Pockets" state and very lawsuit-happy. The Bar was owned and operated by Hynes Enterprises, Inc. and what we would expect to see is insurance subrogation lawsuits against Hynes Enterprises claiming damages from insufficient security, blocked routes of egress, etc. I find it impossible to believe there isn't a single lawsuit filed in Ventura County Superior Court - these would be paid by the bar's insurers - both worker's comp. and liability including liquor liability.

"Suicide" By Three Gunshots to the Chest

Proof the Borderline Bar had Security Cameras - Why Won't They Release the Tapes?

How Did 248 People fit inside?

I watched the line dancing in the promo videos. The dance floor had six lines of ten people - so 60 on the dance floor and it's packed. There's simply not enough room. The facility was a former "Charlie Brown's Steakhouse" and identical to the building that is now Tony P's Dockside Grill in Marina Del Rey. LA County Fire Marshall records give that location a maximum occupancy of 160. Are there fake victims claiming gift cards at the Ventura County Community Foundation?

The FBI Team and "Susan Orfanos" with the VCSD in May 2018

Oxnard Police Dept. Computer Aided Dispatch

I requested this under the California Public Records Act in November 2018, and only received it in June. It may be compared against the VCSD radio.

  1. Why was a SWAT team dispatched from Oxnard? Much closer would be the Ventura County facility at the Camarillo airport

  2. Why was no SWAT team dispatched from the City of Los Angeles/Woodland Hills? The reason the Borderline is called the Borderline is it is on the County Border.

  3. Why does this CAD Dispatch not match the public statement given by the Oxnard Police Chief on November 13 (video below)?

Oxnard is one of the most corrupt cities in California. Moving Oxnard Forward is a grassroots reform effort I highly commend.

The Laughing Sheriff - Part I

The Laughing Sheriff - Part II - (Helus Died! Ha Ha!)

The Laughing Sheriff - Part III (Officer down! Oops! LOL!)

/\     The CHP officer L.D. Maples is clearly 

|      embarrassed. I'm trying to determine if he is related to

        Defense Intelligence Agency General Michael D.

        Maples. He violated California law by not putting

        Officer Todd Barrett on desk duty.

Who Are These "Heroes"
And Once More: Sgt Helus Died! LOLOLOLOLOL!

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A year later and they aren't identified to the press?

The Jeffrey Epstein Mafia Network In Calabasas?

Mafia/DHS Sexual Exploitation Casting Couch?

On my "Sheriff Corruption" page, I detail the sexual exploits of Geoff Dean and how that may have compromised him for blackmail or organized crime. It appears the Jeffrey Epstein network, which has some sort of inside deal with the USDOJ had an outpost in Calabasas and was influential in major news outlets. Did the Sheriff protect Epstein's California activities?


The Retracted ABC 7 Coverage

Looking at reporter Jory Rand's twitter feed, he was listening to the scanner and responded on scene. This is some of the earliest on-scene footage to broadcast, and it has been scrubbed from both YouTube and from the ABC7 website. I've named the first guy "Hedge." I think the description of the/a suspect as "Middle Eastern" may be confusing because this can also mean Middle Eastern Israeli, Lebanese Christian, etc. The person I'm naming "Asian Pex" below said "Hispanic" so it could just mean swarthy. The VCSD scanner (below) indicated multiple shooters, although the San Jose Mercury News somehow didn't bother to report on that. I'm more concerned with the statement "stopped to change his clip. I spoke to experts, and they said a Marine with Long's training would prefer to use a regular clip rather than a "high capacity" clip because it is actually easier to handle the weapon and that their training would be to change clips in under three seconds. Also, per the Boone County Missouri sheriff's demonstration (below), the time to intervene is quite limited. Also per the demo, a "high capacity" clip isn't visible. So in "Asian Pex" interview below in the "Scared Shirtless" part, the statement "he had a big ass clip" makes no sense in regard to a Glock - this is only characteristic of


ABC7 retracted this interview at 2:45 PM Pacific Time the next day. After I started making enquiry, ABC also deleted their retraction, so all of it's down the memory hole.  What do you think? We could verify this and conflicting statements if the Sheriff followed the Constitution of California's Sunshine Amendment and released the tapes.

X Marks The Hand

I spoke to Borderline patrons in Ventura County, and I was told the bar used wristbands to control 21+ alcohol consumption, so the X on the hand is not related to drinking or payment of a cover charge. My impression is this may be a "this person is ok to interview" production device.

The Dallas Knapp Instagram Video and CNN coverage - Analysis by High Impact Fix Podcast

Per the Press Conference (in the full OnScene clip), Sheriff Geoff Dean said, "It's a horrific scene in there: There is blood everywhere." This does not match the Dallas Knapp clip.

The Near Simultaneous Emergency Drill at Salem Medical Center

For an excellent primer in the use of war games that go live, I recommend this film by James Corbett.

Film, Acting, and Television Connections among Victims & Participants

Mark Meza - Imagination Studios, Van Nuys; Escalation Studios, Dallas

Alaina Housley - Story from "inside Edition"

Dallas Knapp (source of instagram footage) - IMDB page

Dan Manrique: Team RWB appeared at a LA Rams game within days

Critical Websites Went Down During the Incident

Why Was Gavin Newsom "Acting Governor?"

In Search of the Real Victim Mark Meza

The Holden Harrah Phone Call & Broken Arm Girl

Here is Holden's Bizarre interview on the "Today Show." You can cross-reference his phone call to his Today Show interviews - but the behavior itself is just strange.

Ventura County Sheriff Audio Scanner from Broadcastify - this time with timecode

00:00 / 30:32
00:00 / 30:32

The Deleted LiveTweet

The Los Angeles Times profiled Twitter user @VCScanner on November 23. After the article, VCScanner deleted his live-tweet of the Borderline incident mid-incident including the critical first moments. I reached out to him, and he got quite defensive but ignored my question - turning it into an ad hominem attack on me.

You may compare the original audio for one perspective on how the incident played out. All of these tweets are from at least hour and a half after the start of the event and this is as far back as they go, post erasure.

What VCScanner Deleted (Recovered from 8Chan - see Below)

Why did VCScanner delete these (which we can't authenticate) even after they were profiled in the Los Angeles Times? They may be compared to the VCSD Scanner audio to reconstruct the timeline. I saved these before Cloudflare's announcement it was deplatforming 8Chan.

You can check the Scanner audio yourself - they never said this.

Also, mass shootings happen all the time mostly among metropolitan drug gangs - but they only become official mass shootings when the people are white. I've put info on a black on black mass shooting in Thousand Oaks at the end of this post. VCScanner didn't cover it.

The Medical Examiner's 9/19 $24k grant to increase body storage capacity "in the event of a mass fatality" - 7 weeks prior to the incident


Wag The Dog: Harvest Festival

Thousand Oaks Assemblywoman and former Thousand Oaks Councilwoman Jacquiline Irwin's legislation relaxing high-capacity magazine loans during training exercises

Per Irwin's legislation, Sheriff deputies can purchase and loan any firearm or ammunition during "training exercises" without any records being kept.

Demonstration on "regular" vs. "high capacity" magazines by the Sheriff of Boone County, Missouri

I'm not a gun person, but I spoke to some experts. This video demonstration was provided to me concerning the magazine capacity issues discussed in the media and so I could assess the witness statements. My takeaway: news reports oversimplify and sometimes just lie out of ignorance. It's kind of like explaining lane-splitting to somebody who's never ridden a motorcycle.

An Excellent Film by Abby Martin on Gun Culture

The 8-Chan Conversation, Anonymous Messaging, and FBI Foreknowledge

8Chan is a internet message board with a unique feature allowing users to post anonymously, and my understanding this is truly anonymous. In the Las Vegas Shooting, which is somehow connected to the Borderline, an anonymous user posted about the event before it happened. Here is an 8chan record about the Borderline in real time, and it includes tweets deleted by VCScanner. It is an interesting service for those studying new and novel forms of communication and a remote way to view a "psychological temperature" of a nation. Until recent controversy over "racism," the site was hosted by San Francisco's Cloudflare. This service provides persistent internet connectivity. In 2017, CEO Matthew Prince kicked off an ultra right website "The Daily Stormer" (although I'm pretty sure it was a boogey created by the US Intelligence Community).

Whitney Webb is a fantastic journalist of seemingly uncompromising integrity. Writing in MintPress, she noted FBI foreshadowing of the August 2018 El Paso shooting and speculated the "national security" state was spinning incidents such as the Borderline into precedent for them to control private persistence services such as Cloudflare, which could complicate military actions or attempts to partition the internet. I urge Matthew Prince to resist such pressure in the future.

Scared Shirtless

I don't know what it is about mass shootings that guys have to take their shirts off but there's no other sign of blood, distress, etc. There's a little blood on "Asian Pex" finger. This came from another Stringer named "Loudlabs," but they did not obtain the witnesses name, as was done with OnScene and is professional journalistic protocol. This coverage aired on KTLA; however, the witness was not identified there either. Compare to the retracted ABC 7 coverage, this witness is very clear to describe the "big ass clip," but the stories diverge. I'm not completely comfortable with Jim Fetzer as a researcher, but he independently noticed the shirtless phenomenon, so I'll link to his blog.

Introducing the Amazing "Brendan Kelly," Matt W., Pex, Grip, Grip2, Black Hat, Flannel Guy, and Capp

"Brendan" is the guy with his shirt off using his mobile phone. More on him below. Next to him is "Matt" who is the guy who rescued 30 people by breaking a window. . You would think that with all this law enforcement presence that the authorities would tell some random shirtless dude, "hey, we'll take it from here, visit your buds in the hospital and find a shirt. You need protective gear." Matt heads out to hang with some bros, including Nicholas Champion and "Pex."

Now, Black Hat and Flannel Guy have gone somewhere to pick up some latex gloves and matching red bags which probably contain EMS supplies even though if you look over by the fire hydrant there was a red bag there the whole time. We can infer they have been Bar patrons because we can now clearly see their Western boots. For some reason, they were allowed by law enforcement to help out, even though by this point a gazillion ambulances have showed up on the scene and even taken away the guy who was shot through the shoulder whom Matt was talking about. Meanwhile we get a glimpse of "Capp" hiding behind a tree sporting a matching red backpack (4 so far) because, heck that's what everyone takes to a Country dance bar.

Things quiet down. Brendan moves away from Grip and the Fire Hydrant and meets up with Black Hat and Flannel Guy at a less secure place in the middle of the scene and who both take off their gloves and start to mull about with the law enforcement. While Brendan gets back on his phone, in the background, Grip2 casually walks up to the bar to check things out. Meanwhile, Matt W. has stuck around because he will give a fascinating interview about two hours later to Jory Rand on ABC7 which also shows a live chopper feed of Los Robles Hospital about ten blocks to the East where nothing seems to be happening. He also manages to give an interview to channels 5 and 9 and make national syndication.

And Random Bar Patrons with medkits just happen to be able to pick up assault rifles...

Hey you, Bar Patron, want to join us?

And in a grand heroic finale, Pex has crossed to stage left to pick up XDamsel, whom he hands off to Flannel Guy in the wings who has ditched the magic assault rifle and put  put his gloves back on. Flannel Guy rushes XDamsel to the Amazing Brendan and his Power Back (where we get a glimpse of the tattoo on his right arm). Now Brendan rescues XDamsel, rushing her toward Black Hat and Capp while Grip2 looks on. But XDamsel doesn't realize OnsceneTV has panned the shot and cuts out early and then they start walking to the staging trailer.

The Amazing Marine "Brendan Kelley" - Semper Infedelis?

Now Brendan Kelly spend the entire next day hanging out on some porch in Thousand Oaks giving interviews to journalists who won't pick up Michael Chilton's calls. But look carefully - when Brendan was hanging out with Nick, we get a fleeting glimpse of his real "Rt. 91" tattoo - it's not "Rt. 91" at all. Totally different. Last minute damage control from the Nick Champion interview that was cut off?


And now the Amazing Brendan is shipped off to Afghanistan:

Brendan Kelly isn't "Brendan Kelly" - He's CNN

Instagram-video Source Dallas Knapp's Older Brother:

Meet Brendan Knapp and Dallas Knapp

And Cody Coffman is ... Dallas Knapp

Who Owns the Borderline? A "Public Official" !!!!

Interesting definition of being an official...

And Now let's take a Close Look at "Susan Orfanos"

And Here's "Cole Knapp" who is not Dallas Knapp's brother (He's the guy who flagged down Sgt Helus "writing a ticket" (not on the Phone with his wife as Sheriff Dean stated and who's interview has now been scrubbed from the internet)

Follow The Money!

The Lilly Endowment has almost 1.4 Trillion dollars under investment, and it hardly ever gives to California institutions. Wading through 990-pf forms, I could find no granting records concerning Pepperdine and CalLutheran who (reportedly) were the main source of "college" students at the "college country night." The Lilly Endowment also gave a $1.2 Million dollar grant to Fuller Seminary, which supplied the Rev. Hazel Salazar. Added to Pastor Shawn which held the big Sgt. Helus funeral (where he wasn't a member but where Noel sparks was) and Mayor Rob McCoy's dealings with Godspeak Calvary and the Heavenly Father's Foundation, that's quite a bit of church money floating around.


The Amazingly pithy Press Release from Los Robles Regional Medical Center - Where there was no significant activity, outdoor triage center, etc.

OnsceneTV is a Los Angeles "Stringer" that showed up to Los Robles Regional Medical Center. There's nothing going on at the hospital. Original Footage Link. (Stringers assemble footage for the Los Angeles Media Market syndication - they listen to police scanners and show up on scene, then market the footage they take for broadcast).

Not So Broken Windows

So - thirty people had to get through this one window, but they didn't break the window next to it or the window next to that or move the chairs (not barstools) out of the way still in front of the unbroken windows so people could get to the broken window? Also, the brick path below this window shows up in the Knapp video - but we don't see any glass, blood on the bricks, etc..., not to mention we've got eight off duty cops inside the bar who could help with all of this. Keep in mind, the ABC 7 coverage was retracted.


LA Times Photographer Irfan Khan's twitter feed showed he managed to be on scene before the shooting happened.

This would be the Back exit "Brendan" spoke about. Again, no barstools.

Mayor McCoy's Patron's Fracking Permits from Gavin Newsom and the Heavenly Father's Foundation

Erasmus, in his In Praise of Folly said, "opportune faked foolishness is the height of Wisdom."  An xample is Newsom's "oops" fracking permits given to Dan Wilks, patron of Thousand Oaks Mayor Rob McCoy. Upon his assumption of full governorship, Newsom appointed a guy named Ken Harris to the State's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources, and Harris started handing out fracking permits like hotcakes. Newsom then "pretended" Harris went behind his back. Balderdash - it's all patronage; i.e. faked foolishness. Some of these patrons went to a Texas Gas Billionaire named Dan Wilks who bought a $2 Million dollar parish building for Godspeak Calvary where the new (as of 11/6/18) Thousand Oaks Mayor is a "Pastor." The transaction used a phony charity front named the "Heavenly Father's Foundation." Newsom's ties to Fox news trough his ex-wife are well known. Not as commonly known are Newsom's ties to a fundamentalist Texas preacher named David Lane, the common thread being Christian Zionism. A proper investigation would look into money laundering via religious charities.

On this subject, the e-mail of the owner of the Thousand Oaks Acorn is "DavidMalik2001."

The California Victims' Compensation Fund Las Vegas-Ventura Registration List

Marsey's Law provides for some victim restitution in the State of California; however, the Las Vegas 2017 shooting occured in Nevada. Ventura District Attorney Gregory Totten indicated the Victims Compensation Board was providing Las Vegas crime victims with restitution ultimately paid by the California taxpayer. The Victims Compensation Board turned down my CPRA requests for information on Borderline/Thousand Oaks Claims, once again filling the Great Nonresponsive Vortex of Doom regarding the Borderline.



Because of the overlap of 60 "survivors," I broadened my request, and obtained these records.

Jason Coffman or Jeff Coffman?

Early press reports of victim Cody Coffman said the father was Jeff Coffman instead of Jason Coffman. When I searched in November, there was no record of a local Jason Coffman, but one emerged in several public records databases in ensuing months. I was contacted by an individual and told Jason Coffman is a man known to the local community and of utter integrity.

Without the tapes and the autopsies, it is impossible to verify this story.

Bizarre Victim Pageantry - A Literal Dog and Pony Show - "Lutheran Comfort Dog Ministry" - WTF?

This Illinois and Ohio based Lutheran group managed to fly across the country overnight with standby comfort dogs.

But the County of Ventura Sheriff's Office Also has its own Bizarre Dog and Pony Show

Look at this weird video website for the Sheriff - it's just strange. It's like when Hitler bought the surplus African Corps uniforms for his Brown Shirts (which looked ridiculous) and they had to overcompensate with propaganda to get over their small penises. It's fine to adopt a Tuff guy strategy on Law and Order, but this is like COPS B-roll for a Reality Show gone wrong. It's paramilitary fetish porn for Rockford Files rejects. If this force just reallocated 10% of its PR budget to inmate education and reintegration, think what could happen. But those who are at fault are the voters of Ventura county. Can't they look at this website and see it for the psychedelic insecurity it is or ask a simple question, "Is this overproduction of Sheriff PR a wise use of taxpaper funding?"  Are they so out of touch as Sun-bunnies that they can't figure out there's something wrong here? I get tired of whiny needy law enforcement demanding respect when they're just overunionized dunces who couldn't get into UC Merced or Cal State Dominguez Hills.

So, listen to the dispatch audio - they order a "bear cat." Then they can't maneuver it into place. It's just incompetent, but they all have uniforms so Attention Must Be Paid! It's like that old BBC sitcom with the flowery Italian General bringing in his Tank. It's all very sad. Maybe whatever intelligence agency put them up to this shindig intuited the Sheriff's utter lack of gear-restraint and designed it into the operation as a sort of inside joke about the local ignorant Sheriff and its pithy overpuffed force. It's like uniform drag. SRSLY.

Does a County Sheriff really need a tank?

Capp Again. Note the parade of ambulances but we never see a single one arrive at the hospital.

Does this Dept. Really Keep Ventura County Residents Safe with all their gadgets?

They walked into this one - but I'm serious about making the film. The Bar is the "Borderline" and they happened to sync to "Ice Ice Baby"  @!*?@!

Naval Intelligence Lieutenant Eric Garcetti's Tweets

What is an enlisted Lieutenant !?

Witness "Teylor Whittler" is actually a

Cal State Northridge Criminal Justice Major named Taylor Von Molt.

An odd parallel to the 1999 Northridge-Vegas taxi driver "mass shooting" given that "Ian Long" supposedly also studied at CSUN.

InNOut is the Sexual blackmail ring surrounding Ghislaine Maxwell in Calabasas - it's a casting couch to ensure silence of victims. They are given false promises of roles in films, etc.

Mafia, Mafia, Mafia
Nonexistant Names of Witnesses

Above, I've already identified one person as a member of the Astin crime family and shown how "Teylor Whittler" is a different person; however, the following people are quoted in the press and do not show up in public records databases such as Intelius or

  • Nellie Wong

  • Kayla Simmons

  • Matt Wennerstrom

  • Chynn Worrell

  • Erik Sigman

  • Teylor Whittler

  • Brooke Pscion

  • Cory Yoshinhea

  • Jackson Warner

  • Dylan McNey

So, Matt stays around all night giving interviews even until the sun comes up. I guess they let go of his handler by now.

The Track Coaches with No CALSTRS Records

Meet Evie Cluke from Newbury Park High School - the Gunman's "Track Coach" in 2008. Except, I checked with CalSTRS and Transparent California: No Employment records. Also, can you really take this woman seriously as a track coach in public schools?

Note the professional "handlers." The Blonde girl is just terrible - she can't seem to stop laughing. The Handlers behind her rub her shoulder as signaling. You can see how they are minding the scene.

Covert California has also made requests to CALSTRS and to the Conejo Valley Unified School District - and these reuqests have been nonresponsive.

If these women made false statements to the press, Why can't the public agencies follow the law and respond that there are no public records?

How Did the BBC know the body count before the Sheriff's PIO announced it?
More of the Amazing Matt Wennerstrom - This guy gives over 10 press interviews, and NOT ONCE do we get to hear from a single "off duty" officer inside the bar. What gives?
Gavin Newsom Gives the Sheriff $300,000 for a New Gadget

The Cringeworthy Scanner Audio indicates the Sheriff spent over 20 minutes trying to get their armored "BearCat" into place - but they've got eight-10 officers off duty inside the bar the whole time? Do they really need this? Just take the guy out, guys. Why do we hear lots about the Amazing Matt Wennerstrom's "Dogpile" and we have no idea who these officer-witnesses actually were - except they saved the girls by jumping in front of them (according to Sheriff Dean). It's on these anonymous officer-witnesses's statements that $300,000 of taxpayer money got spent on this contraption.  Cm'on guys, show your faces - you're heroes, right?

What is this? Tattooeen in a low budget "Transformers" knockoff?

Give this Woman a Prize! Finally, Some Common Sense and Wisdom

Judith is one of the most engaging books in the Bible, so a fitting name.

Hearses Never go to Hospitals in order to avoid Distressing Patients. - Except for Sgt. Helus
According to the ME's office, the bodies spent over SIX HOURS IN TRAFFIC to go 20 miles to the Ventura County Medical Center - but there was no traffic because the Sheriff Closed the road for The Helus procession. The ME's and Auditor-Controller's office have refused my CPRA requests for invoices for this Six Hour body Transport.
When you have to ask if it's Legit...
Emergency Response and Media Frenzy Benchmarked against 3/17/18 Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting/Suicide/Lockdown
The Rev. Hazel Salazar

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These Girls Get Around

The problem is when they show up as friends of "Cody Coffman" at his memorial, they start saying Coffman jumped in front of them, etc. - It doesn't match their statements to the press on 11/8.

Brooks & Dean  ... subject to Sexual Blackmail
The Bizarre "Social Media" Postings - Why did the "Off Duty" officers or numerous marines reservists not take the guy out when the reported gunman wrote these postings?

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