Who I am


I'm a thinker coming to terms with insanity. Part journalist, part contrarian, part philospher, and part jackass, I need a place to throw out ideas.


Why I do this


I read the following books, among others, and they warped my perspective:

The Great War and Modern Memory - P. Fussell

Taming Democracy - T. Boughton

Dead Certainties and Unwarranted Speculations - S. Schama

Making Haste from Babylon - N. Bunker

Crucible of War - F. Anderson

Late Idyll - R. Brinkman

The Wordy Shipmates - S. Vowell

Ecological Imperialism - A. Crosby

The First Circle - A. Solzhenitzyn

The Sleepwalkers - C. Clark

House of Leaves - M. Danielevsky

Decadent Enchantments - K. Bergeron

Princes of the Yen - R. Werner

On Zion's Mount, Trees in Paradise, and Glen Canyon Dammed - J. Farmer

Game Changers - S. & S. Swatt

Sultans of Slease - J. Nelson

West of the West and King of California - M. Arax

Stravinsky and the Russian Traditions - R. Taruskin

Anatomy of the Orchestra - N. Del Mar

Wagner Nights - J. Horowitz

What Are You Up To, Mr. President? - K. Mattson

The Futureological Congress and Fiasco - S. Lem

Erdbeben in Chili - Kleist

What I can do for you


It is far more desirable to be respected than liked.

The Content on this site is protected from "deplatforming" efforts under the affirmative freedom of expression in the  Constitution of California as held by Judge Stanley Mosk in Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robbins (1980). All privately owned but publicly accessible platforms in the State of California are required to provide access for the exercise of the affirmative freedom of expression.

Materiel and documents considered for publishing may be sent to covertcalifornia@protonmail.com (sign up for an encrypted account), and I will make every effort to protect sources under the California Shield Law.