CovertCalifornia  is my own personal experiment in avoiding self-censorship.


On the Public Record - A fantastic blog on California Water Policy.

The Solari Report - A project of Catherine Austin Fitts. This project is especially strong at exposing fraud in Government Accounting standards and at the Federal Reserve, and it is reform-minded.

FlashReport - A daily aggregator of California mainstream political news assembled by the former chair of the California Republican Party. It often includes fake news and has a strong Herzelist-slant, but it's important to "keep up with the enemy."

Voice of San Diego - A model of what local reporting can be and what local journalism can accomplish. It's easy to get stuck in a "Bay Area Bubble."

MIntPress News - A good news website for (especially) Middle Eastern Issues. It takes on controversial topics and intelligence issues. Whitney Webb's Jeffrey Epstein series was superb.

Naked Capitalism - A good, more manageable alternative to ZeroHedge.

California State Legislative Analyst - State and Local politics impact Californian's daily lives far more than Federal Politics (excepting the Federal Reserve). This nonpartisan analyst publishes super-clear reports.

Corbett Report The best conspiracy theory website out there that also handles Liberatian issues such as Lysander Spooner and Professional Licensing or the Eugenics origin of the Minimum wage.

The AnteDote - a podcast by Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kuschel on "Deep State" issues.

Professor Richard Werner - The world's foremost expert in monetary policy. He basically blew the lid off banking trade secrets. Unlike many "alternative economists" Werner has substantial practical solutions about alternative implementations of capitalism and central banking because he stands almost alone among economists in understanding money. He reconciles Libertarianism with Public Banking and offers a "new way" forward.

The Wayne Madsen Report - Blockbuster "Deep State" articles hidden behind a paywall - all legitimate "conspiracy theory proof" journalism. It's worth the investment. Lee Stranahan and FaultLines/Radio Sputnik is one of the very few guys who really gets the Russian Oligarchs right.

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