Ventura County Refuses to Release Borderline Autopsies
First there was an ME Scandal in 2015
Then in 2016 the New Medical Examiner Quit
She had looked into Cold Cases
She also wrote a leading criminology textbook
She even cracked Cold Cases on TV
In 2017, MIKE POWERS hires Christopher Young from the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office
Clackamas Mall Shooting - Serial Fraud?
Dunham is related to an Oxnard Police Fleet Car Supervisor ... The press photos of this "victim" are over 10 years old
Christopher Young's Prior Hospital in Salem, OR had a near-simultaneous mass Casualty Drill! (Note: this is the only press report with "USC Channel Islands")
The Vegas Incident also had Drills
Then in 2019, Young and the Ventura Board of Supervisors move the ME directly under MIKE POWERS
MIKE POWERS sits on the board of the Foundation administering the Victims' Fund. Here's is VCCF Bio. He used to oversee the ME at the Health Agency.
In 2015/16 Simultaneous with the ME Change, the AG cleaned house at the Ventura Community Foundation
But the AG's Reason didn't make sense - and it was the VC Star that Manufactured the Scandal
So I tried to Check the Documents for Myself, but the AG told me this:
Remember how the VCStar created the Scandal? Look who's now on the Foundation's board:

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