Catalog of Interesting Persons, Mockingbirds ("fake journalists"), and Suspected Spooks

  • Costello, Paul, Stanford Medicine, Chief Communications Officer. Spy. Former US Dept. of State, close to Dobelle

  • Cotler, Irwin fake humanitarian, see this article

  • Garcetti, Eric Mayor of Los Angeles, Naval Intelligence

  • Gerst, Jennifer Bower DC/Africa Educational Consultant: Associate of E. Dobelle.

  • Gilmore, Brennan Mockingbird outed by SonOfNewO (before he was "disappeared")

  • Giraldi, Philip "former" CIA "Counter"terrorism officer, the Unz Review

  • Hasoon, Ysraiel, Shin Bet.

  • Knight, Rebecca Alameda County Sheriff's Office: Rt 91 Harvest Festival Crisis Actor (SF Chronicle 2/27/19)

  • Krieger, Lisa San Jose Mercury News, Mockingbird

  • Matier, Phil SF Chronicle: Mockingbird

  • Meija, Brittany Los Angeles Times: Mockingbird

  • Perlman, Ezra Talpiot Program, commercializes domestic spy software in SF Presidio with Unit 8200 backdoors

  • Schroder, Michael CSU San Marcos Dean of extended Learning. International Travel resembles E. Dobelle.

  • Varni, Robert Paul Naval Intelligence and Elections Systems

  • Williams, Lance SF Examiner/Chronicle, Mockingbird. Had something to do with the Valerie Plame Scandal.

  • Wilson, Kathleen VCStar: Mockingbird

Catalog of Suspicious Deaths

  • 09/25/19 Aivar Rehe

  • 02/12/18 Dr. Timothy Cunningham

  • 05/11/18 Julius Thurman

  • 12/15/17 Honey and Barry Sherman

  • 12/12/17 Edwin Lee

  • 12/19/08 Michael Connell

  • 09/05/07 Rep. Paul Gilmor

  • 09/24/96 Richard Joseph Dakin

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