What Happened in Vegas?

The 2017 Las Vegas "Rt. 91 Harvest Festival" Event is somehow related to the 2018 Borderline Shooting. Both involve corrupt sheriffs, participants, and a cover-up. Since the authorities are not being honest, the only way to get to the Truth as I see it is through a special Citizen-initiatied Investigatory Civil Grand Jury similar to what happened after the OKC Bombing. As Background, in 2018, SFPD officers visited me in San Francisco on behalf of Sheriff Lombardo in Vegas wanting to know about my Thousand Oaks petition effort. They were scared about the Grand Jury, so I assured them it was a "California Thing."

Grand Juries in the State of Nevada to investigate are only called by citizen petition, but this has to be organized in Clark County. The good news is unlike California, Nevada law allows the people to force the grand jury to investigate an incident. I've reached out to Cliven Bundy at Bundy Ranch to urge him to endorse a petition effort because I don't know of anyone else in Clark County and he managed to gather a network - imagine Bundy, Laura Loomer, and Chelsea Manning riding into Paradise with a bunch of armed cowboys dressed like Elvis to petition for a grand jury! The press would have to cover it! I'll update this page if I hear anything.

Nevada Revised Statute - how to force empanelment of a special grand jury:


Citizen Petitioned Grand Juries - A History

Film about the Oklahoma City Grand Jury (Prime streaming

on Amazon)


Adam Housley - another Vegas/Thousand Oaks Connection

Fox News reporter Adam Housley is the uncle of the reported Thousand Oaks victim Alaina Housley. Even though he claims something is "up with" the Vegas Shooter's brother, Housley accepts fait accompli the official narrative regarding the Thousand Oaks Shooting - but if the brother is involved wouldn't that make Adam Housley a conspiracy theorist? Considering the 60-person overlap between events, I think something is 'up with' this coincidence.


Personally, I find Eric Paddock's statements to be authentic and honest.

The Retracted Newsweek Marilou Danley Article


My view the original article is accurate. Interestingly enough, this has been scrubbed from San Francisco-based archive.org - I don't see what the danger is here, not to mention it means archive.org cannot be relied upon to do archiving. My overall impression is Danley may have been some sort of organized crime (mafia) or Intelligence Community asset (such as ASIS - Australian Secret Intelligence Service), and that the operations of Stephen Paddock as a high stakes gambler in Las Vegas would conform to activities related to money laundering (i.e. washing funds through the Vegas Casinos), and it is also completely consistent with the anguished statements of Eric Paddock, Stephen's brother who would not have been informed about his brother's clandestine service.

Doug Poppa's Articles on LVMPD Tactics and Cover-Ups
Something that's been Bothering Me - "Rt. 91 Harvest Festival" when there hasn't been a Rt. 91 in Nevada since 1974

California Rt. 91 is a State Highway in Orange County that connects a number of defense contractors, and I've been told that there's a Cold War era code in the the State Highway numbering system - 7's for Navy, 9's for Army, etc. I've never heard of the "strip" referred to as Rt 91, though.

The Stephen Paddock Autopsy
This in From the Conspiratorial Literature - Once again connecting Vegas and Thousand Oaks

Per Annie Jacobsen's book, Phenomena, the armed services consider the occult "legitimate channels for propaganda." There's definitely something pysopish going on here, in my estimate, especially because it draws on the gematria and Jewish symbolism - and it turns out that the owner of the land underneath the Borderline Bar just happens to be the board president of the Jewish National Fund of Los Angeles.

If that Makes You Uncomfortable, howabout something decidedly unconspiratorial?
Coincidence Theory?
The 4Chan Foreknowledge

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